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Explore PageMe Secure Features

Carefully designed and developed with patient confidentiality in mind.

Self Destruct

All messages time out and auto-delete after you acknowledge them, so they can't be read by anyone else.

Video & Images

Securely share with colleagues for their input. Tap on the image and video icons in order to securely view.

Screenshot Alert

When a user attempts to take a screenshot, a warning appears at the top of the screen to notify the user that they are violating PHIPA compliance regulations.

Secure Servers

Communicate with confidence knowing that patient confidentiality & privacy is protected by top-grade PHIPA compliant servers.

No Data Storage

Social media messaging apps store chat data, image, and video on mobile devices. PageMe is not a social media app. PageMe does not store images, videos, or chat messages on the mobile devices.

Secure Pin

Users select a four digit secure PIN to access PageMe, keeping access to PageMe secure even if the user loses their device.


Chats are protected by encryption, to ensure that all conversations and temporary data are kept secure so only you and the person you're communicating with can read them.


30-Day Free Trial

Texting with mobile devices is not secure, and violates hospital and PHIPA regulations. Avoid putting your organization at risk today!