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How does PageMe protect patient privacy and confidentiality?
PageMe has a number of features which render it PHIPA compliant.  These include a secure and encrypted server, no ability to save data on your device, restriction of communication only to other PageMe users, time auto-destruct of messages, end-to-end encryption on every message sent, and more.  It is the responsibility of the PageMe user to work within the bounds of your hospital and state/province health care confidentiality policies and laws.
Can PageMe replace my pager?

We do recommend you keeping your pager for urgent matters. PageMe is not yet a replacement for a standard pager, rather it is a replacement for sending unsecured SMS or email about patients.

Is PageMe approved by CMPA?

CMPA does not endorse any specific products as a matter of their policy.  However, CMPA has reviewed PageMe and indicated that it is in line with good privacy protection practices.

Can I use this app for patient emergencies?

No. Do not use PageMe as a response to critical cases. PageMe is not a replacement for a standard pager, rather it is a replacement for sending unsecured SMS or email about patients.

We recommend you to use your current communication tools that you are using to respond to critical cases.

Does PageMe confirm receipt of a message, or allow escalation notifications?

Yes, when using PageMe you can see if your message was received or not.  People who are indicated as being on-call would receive a unique paging sound that will escalate until the message is received.

Can I save photos or videos to my phone using PageMe?

The act of saving photos or videos to an unsecured phone is not allowed, and PageMe does not store any images or videos on your phone.  However, using one of the PageMe extensions, the PageMe user will be able to obtain a patient’s signed permission (on the phone) and then the image can be saved.

Can PageMe be used to send medical orders?

Yes, the Medical Request function within the app can be used to send any medical request, including orders.  The order can then be edited or approved by the recipient and sent back for countersignature.

Am I able to send images or messages using PageMe to people outside my organization?
PageMe is designed to send any message securely, and it can be used for communication between anyone on the PageMe network.  However, remember that medical information of a personal nature should only be sent to people within the patient’s Circle of Care.
Do I require patient's consent to talk about them on PageMe or to share pictures/videos of them on PageMe?
Communication about patient care does not require written consent so long as there is no violation of privacy and confidentiality, the people in your discussion are reasonably involved in the care of the patient, and the communication method is secure. Always ensure you follow the guiding policies of your hospital and province/state in regards to patient privacy and confidentiality.