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The Importance of Good Communication Between Medical Professionals

In the modern healthcare sector services and treatment are increasingly delivered by teams of professionals working across specialties and departments. This means that effective communication is more important than ever for excellent patient care. A recent report by Elaine Howley in the health section of US News describes a typical contemporary scenario: “ … a patient having spinal surgery, for example, will likely be treated by not only the surgeon, but also an anesthetist, a surgical nurse,...

How to Improve Handoff Communication for Better Patient Care

In the realm of healthcare communications, there is no more delicate interface than the handoff of information at the end of each nursing shift or the relocation of a patient from one department to another. Typically, it requires a series of protocols to transfer essential information and the responsibility for care of the patient from one health care provider to another. Handoffs can be complex interactions and pose considerable patient risk. A recent report in the Medical Press cited a US Veteran...

Health Care Communications in the 21st century

Why are we still using faxes and pagers? The tech revolution has made inter-personal communication faster, easier and more far-reaching than ever before in human history. Even so certain sectors are being left behind in the race for better communication – and it’s often by choice. Take healthcare. In many medical and healthcare environments, inter-professional communications are still dominated by archaic technologies that many other sectors left behind a long time ago. Case in point? Fax machines...