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Why use PageMe

Improve Clinical Care.

Patient care is increasingly interdisciplinary. Improve clinical care through effective and secure communications on your mobile devices.

Chat and share images/videos about patient care with colleagues using PageMe for Healthcare.

Secure Messaging

Texting with mobile devices is not secure, and violates hospital and PHIPA regulations, but is likely already being done by professionals on your site. This puts your site at risk.

PageMe allows healthcare professionals to continue to communicate with their mobile devices in a safe and secure manner.

Improve Efficiency

Traditional pagers take time to use, and only allow for basic alphanumeric texting, without the richness of image or video content.

PageMe modernizes non-critical health care communication by helping professionals to communicate in real time.

Save Costs

Traditional Pagers can cost over $10.00/month/user to license. PageMe is a more cost effective alternative for non-critical communication and can help organizations better manage their cost.

Other Key Benefits

All data transfer stays within Canadian borders

Manage group communication

Decrease your risk of liability

Cost containment for organizations

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Learn first-hand how PageMe Messenger for Enterprise can help your organization communicate securely about patient care.

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Texting with mobile devices is not secure, and violates hospital and PHIPA regulations. Avoid putting your organization at risk today!

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PageMe Telehealth enables you to engage with individual patients, teams, or colleagues in virtual consultations, without the need for complex login processes.