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The ultimate solution for the entire organization. Hi-Tech and PHIPA Compliant.
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Slide Secure texting for healthcare providers Download for iPhone Download for Android PageMe is a simple, secure and compliant messaging app for healthcare professionals. Communicate with confidence knowing that patient confidentiality and privacy is protected by end-to-end encryption and top-grade PHIPA compliant servers.
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Next Generation Messaging Platform

PageMe will change the way your entire organization communicates about patients' care. This is the solution to privacy concerns that the medical industry has been looking for.

Improve Efficiency

PageMe modernizes healthcare communication by allowing professionals to communicate in real time. Medical professionals can now solve challenges, save time, enhance patient care and remain connected with other professionals at all times.

Real-Time Communication

Easily start chatting with colleagues about patient care using multimedia-rich content. PageMe allows you to send unlimited text, photo, and video messages freely and securely.

Protect Patient Confidentiality

Communicate with confidence knowing that patient confidentiality & privacy is protected by top-grade PHIPA compliant servers.

Secure Features


Instant Communication

Instantaneous communication through both WiFi and cellular networks. No more waiting for old style pages to be returned.

Secure Pin

Users select a four digit secure PIN to access PageMe, keeping access to PageMe secure even if the user loses their mobile device.

No Data Storage

Social media messaging apps store chat data, images, and videos on mobile devices. PageMe is not social media. PageMe does not store images, videos or chat messages on mobile devices.

End-to-end Encryption

Chats are fully protected with end-to-end encryption to ensure that all messages and temporary data are kept secure.

Screenshot Alerts

When a user attempts to take a screenshot, a warning appears at the top of the screen to notify the user that they are violating PHIPA & HIPPA compliance regulations. On the Android devices, the user does not have the ability to take screenshots.

Videos & Photos

Securely share with colleagues for their input. Tap on the masked thumbnail icons in order to securely view your photos and videos.

PageMe Enterprise

360 Enterprise Solution

PageMe messaging platform can deliver a secure environment for team productivity and improve communications.

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Modules & Integrations

Organizations can benefit from additional add-ons & integrations that will help enhance patient care and remain connected.

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Support & Training

Our support and training services are focused on service continuity and offering training as needed to your team.

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PageMe is a PHIPA compliant communication platform and the solution for the 21st century that connects healthcare professionals and simplifies the coordination of patient care.